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May 23 2016

Rock Music - A Good Influence?

When children are young, it is easy to control the sort of music they pay attention to. Mostly, children pay attention to what the parents do. Parents may want to listen to music written especially for kids, but sometimes, the family may pay attention to whoever set the stereo station last.

rock song

The question becomes: Is Rock music safe for children?

Nearly all the best-selling albums of all time are Rock. But is that this 'rebellious' genre of music having a positive or negative impact on children and society?

Much like just about every subject, there are lots of pros and cons.

The fact is: Rock is a form of art that promotes creativity and expression. Many songs have very poetic lyrics and send out great messages to the people. A big message sent through music today is world change.
rock music

In 1985, Live Aid was placed on by many rock musicians from Black Sabbath to U2. It raised over 232 million dollars for famine relief in Ethiopia and it was inspired by the song 'The Tide is Turning' by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd.

To this day, many bands put on benefits for a variety of causes. Several bands have toured in Iraq to perform for our troops overseas.

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